Top Email Management Tips

Email management is crucial, however, most people tend to overlook its importance. There are many different methods for managing emails and one of them is right for you.

Create Template Replies

If you reply to similar emails often, you should create template replies. It is one of the best email management hacks that you have to try. You can simply sift through your sent folder to find a trend in things you reply to and save similar emails as templates. This email management tip will help you save a ton of time.

Search for email management tools

There are several tools and plugins to popular email providers that offer enhanced email management features. Google Workspace users, for instance, can get apps on Google Chrome or Google Workspace Marketplace that enable shared inboxes on Gmail. Which can turn your email into a powerhouse.

Understand That You Do Not Have To Reply To Every Email

Another important email management hack that you should consider is understanding that not every email needs to be replied to. In fact, a no-reply may also be deemed a reply in itself. Besides, you are likely to receive a high volume of reader mail which do not require you to leave a response. There is no reason for you to stress about every single email.

Only Read Relevant Emails

To save more time and maximize productivity, you should only read relevant emails. Even if you have subscribed to a few newsletters, you do not have to read all the emails that they send out to you. You can even set your email service to automatically archive such emails to different labels (folders) to better manage your time. Thus, what you need to do is read emails that are relevant to you and leave out the rest.

Use Filters

Filters allow you to automatically sort out your mail when it is sent to you. If you are a Gmail user, you will have access to 20 different filters which you can set up for different body text, subject titles, email addresses, and whatnot. Hence, you will be able to automatically sort every email into a respective folder.

Inbox Zero

Created by the podcaster and writer Merlin Mann, this method consists of processes to clear your inbox everyday. That is done by filtering incoming emails and for each one selecting to either answer, delete, delegate or defer.

Have a Reply Within X Days Folder

One of the best email management tips that will help you better manage your email is having a reply within X days folder. You can even create three to further divide the work such as reply to emails within 1 day, 2 days, and 3 days folders. These will help you get organized. If you are a Gmail user, you can do this by creating labels.