Moulding Operator – Tamworth, Staffordshire

Moulding Operator

Epwin Group

Tamworth, Staffordshire


Job Title Operator

Department – Moulding

Reporting to Shift Performance Manager

Working hours Continental


 Assembly operations in the moulding department

Responsible for

Adhering to all health and safety protocols

Assembly of rainwater mouldings:-

Assembling and boxing mouldings

Quality checking each item

Labelling and sealing boxes

Replenishing assembly and packaging materials as required

Separation of waste and recycle and suitable disposal

Maintaining good housekeeping of the work area

Informing Setter/Supervisor of quality or machine issues

Completing the “shift support” role when requested

Key Performance Measures

Keeping pace with the operations assigned

Zero quality defects packed

Maintaining high standards of housekeeping


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