How to Learn English Faster

Nowadays many of us are wondering how to learn English faster? Especially those who work on online platforms like writing articles or interacting with international clients. Many people give up their work only because of the lack of enough English proficiency. But it is not so difficult to learn the English language if you follow some useful strategies.

English is nothing but a language. We need to learn it for smooth communication. It’s very important to improve all the skills in English before communicating with a foreign person. Like every language, the English language has four skills, and these skills are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We can go after some steps to improve all the skills in English:

8 important strategies to learn English quickly

Follow these 8 basic tricks and improve your English proficiency faster:

Reading Newspapers and Magazines

In the very recent period, we forget to read newspapers, especially English magazines, and newspapers. This is why our English proficiency cannot be up to the mark yet. So if you want to develop your English skills you need to read English magazines and newspapers regularly.

You should read a minimum of five or six articles a day if you have enough time. Try to read with proper understanding and mark the unknown vocabulary. If you follow this step you can develop your English vocabulary.

Watch English Movies and News Channels

It is one of the most useful tricks to improve your English skills. If you don’t have enough time you can watch at least one English movie a week. Try to watch with subtitles. Continue to follow this routine unless your English skills are developed.

Don’t forget to watch English news channels. It is a good platform to improve English proficiency. You can follow these English news channels:




Fox news etc.

Basic English grammar

Many people fail to learn the English language only because of the lack of knowledge in English grammar. We need to follow some basic English grammar rules. A single grammar mistake can destroy the whole meaning of a sentence. So we need to learn how to make a proper sentence in English. English grammar can help us to make our task easy to form a sentence correctly.


We should emphasize learning English vocabulary. You cannot learn a second language without improving its vocabulary. There is a huge number of people who make the mistake of not memorizing the unknown vocabulary. As a result, they can not understand a sentence properly. So it is compulsory to memorize unknown vocabulary. We can follow some important steps to improve our vocabulary skills. Let us see those steps in brief:

  1. Read comprehensive texts.
  2. Learn a new word every single day.
  3. Find the definition of a word you learned.
  4. Use an online dictionary
  5. Focus on synonyms and antonyms.
  6. Practice the previous vocabulary you memorized before.

Virtual English classes

Virtual English classes are a huge platform to improve English skills. You can join different types of virtual classes available on the internet. If you search on Google you will find various kinds of websites that teach you how to learn English accurately. Further, they will provide you with a lot of resources which help you to develop all the skills in English. So don’t waste your time. Start utilizing your leisure to develop your English proficiency by following some best English learning websites.

Use a dictionary

It is one of the best ways to improve your English proficiency. Nowadays we can use a dictionary on our smartphones and computers. Just download from the Play Store or App Store and start using it. When you read an article you should mark the unknown vocabulary and find its meaning in your dictionary. Try to memorize those unknown words. After memorizing new words we have one task then is to make new sentences using those words.

Write down something in English

Without improving your writing skills, your English learning will be in vain. ‘Writing’ is the core pillar of the English language among the three pillars (reading, speaking and listening). Suppose you can speak well in English but you cannot write down any sentence. Does it sound good? Absolutely not. That’s why we need to improve our writing skills too in order to develop our English proficiency. Let us present some short techniques to improve our writing skills:

  1. Learn the English language properly.
  2. Try to use grammar more accurately.
  3. Execute your leisure time on writing.
  4. Improve your vocabulary by learning unknown vocabulary.
  5. Focus on your spelling and proofread your writing.
  6. Try to use simple sentences in your writing.


Revision is the fundamental part of developing skills in English or any other language. Your every attempt will be in vain if you fail to revise your previous lessons. So before you start improving your English skills, you have to determine that you’ll revise your previous tasks.

English is nothing but a language. No one can learn a language without practicing it. We need to practice every step properly to improve our English skills.


We all know that English is the international and most accepted language throughout the world. So we cannot ignore it. Moreover, we must improve our English proficiency in order to communicate with a person who belongs to a different country. Follow the 8 mentioned above useful methods to learn the English language faster.