Not everyone can afford a 4 year college degree. Trade schools offer a great opportunity for people to go to vocational school, and learn a specific trade, and often times even qualify for an apprenticeship, and begin to work your way into a high paying career.

Trade schools, or vocational schools are schools specifically geared towards people of very specific skilled trades. Here are some of highest paying, in-demand trade school jobs updated for 2020.

In this article we will be highlighting some of the best trade school jobs that also pay well. Also we will dive into some of the more popular options in terms of trade schools.

A trade school is a specialist school focused on one skill – based vocation.

You go to a trade school to work in a skilled trade. They can sometimes be called career schools, vocational schools, or technical schools. Just two decades ago, students had the option to take vocational courses at the high school level; even if they had no plans for college, some states encouraged students to choose trade school over traditional academics.

However, there has been a steady decline in vocational career programs at the high school level since the 1990s, while there has been an increased emphasis on higher education. The result is that now many young people see vocational programs in a negative light.

There are many problems caused by the collective attitude towards trade jobs. Most importantly, there are millions of people in need of jobs, but still millions of employers in need of skilled workers. Fewer people are being trained for these skilled trades, and fewer people in today’s society see it as a viable option.

If it was widely recognized that trade schools are typically held to the same standards as more traditional higher learning institutions, more people would probably recognize their value and take advantage of the opportunity.

Fortunately, vocational education is now available in online schools. Distance learning enables students to complete online courses with a wide range of options and receive vocational training. An online education can be a great choice for many jobs and you are likely to be able to complete any practical training you need in a way that is convenient to you. Some of the options include short intensive on-campus, on – the-job training, internships, or even completing some components of the program at a local college.


A great alternative to the traditional academic path is vocational school or trade school. For these at-risk students, it is an excellent option, but technical school also gives everyone the opportunity to quickly and affordably learn vital skills so they can get a job. For more than 20 years, skilled trades such as construction, carpentry, commercial diving, healthcare professions and more have steadily grown. Skilled trades are very secure jobs, education is generally very affordable, and at excellent colleges, online or in-person, there are plenty of career school programs nationwide.

We will always build in society, things will inevitably have to be repaired, engines in cars will always need service, and goods will always have to get from the company to the consumer. For those who don’t want to go down the traditional higher education route, these trades are reliable options and you can find a vocational training program that fits your needs and budget. We’ll tell you about the best trade school jobs in this article; specifically, the highest paying skilled trades you can learn at a trade school or vocational school. You can open doors to many high-paid careers with a trade school diploma, and these are just a few of them.


A construction managers main tasks are planning, overseeing, and handling the coordination of construction or maintenance activities (including budgeting and scheduling) related to specific building projects. To supervise and direct various operations within a building project, a construction manager, also known as a site manager, is required.

A Construction Manager must ensure that a project is completed safely, ensuring that the project is running on time and within the budget allowance allocated. In the project, they typically enter the process quite early so they can assist the client with preliminary planning. They also assist with aspects such as architect and contractor selection.

Construction managers will be responsible for managing individuals in different roles suitable for the project. The plans must be discussed with the architect, surveyors and buyers before any of the actual building work can take place. These types of managers will need to hire the appropriate staff to complete the project to the standard of the client.

It is important to effectively manage all these staff members so that the project plans can be fully understood and developed. The construction manager will have to hire and organize different contractors and suppliers and coordinate the activities of the subcontractor.