Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprenticeship – London

Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprenticeship

Intequal Ltd



Location:London, E1 7DA


Salary:£291.00 per week

Sector:Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Application Deadline Date:28/03/2023

Start Date:01/03/2023

Positions Available:1

Working Week:Monday to Friday. 830-1730.

Brief Description

We are looking for an apprentice to specialise in social media content and e-Commerce.

Qualifications Required

None specifically, but you should be able to showcase your creative skills.

Personal Qualities

• Attention to detail is critical
• Excellent written and spoken communication skills
• Excellent grasp of English with particular attention to grammar, spelling etc
• Creative
• Can-do attitude

Skills Required

You should have a creative mind and approach to writing engaging and meaningful content. You should also have some understanding of direct sales and customer engagement.

Training to be Provided


Marketing Principles
Develop an understanding of the range of digital marketing principles, strategies and techniques.
Key Topics:
• Customer engagement and market segmentation
• Customer lifecycle
• Digital and Social Media Strategies
• Exploiting real-time information
• Digital marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing Business Principles
Develop an understanding of search marketing, search engine optimisation and Pay-Per-Click, email marketing, web analytics and metrics, mobile apps and how these can work together.
Key Topics:
• Security levels necessary to protect data
• Digital etiquette
• Customer Relationship Management systems
• Understand the differences between all the major digital and social media platforms
• Plan digital content based on audience needs
• How a digital marketing team works in a business environment

Principles of Coding
Develop knowledge in the range of concepts, approaches, software languages and techniques that are applicable to Principles of Coding.
Key Topics:
• Compatibility of code on different platforms
• Components involved in web development
• Hosting and serving
• Search Engines
• How local (cookies) or session data storage is utilised
• Programming languages and how they apply to building digital products (html/javascript)

Google Analytics IQ
Develop knowledge to be proficient in Google Analytics and be effective at leveraging Google Analytics within their organisations.
Key Topics:
• Layout, reporting, campaign and conversion tracking
• Data collection, setup and configuration
• Analysis tools and techniques
• Advanced marketing tool

Future Prospects

There is a full-time role available upon successful completion of the apprenticeship.

Vacancy Detail

Some key duties are;
• You will pay special attention to creating engaging content
• Manage and run social media campaigns
• Analyse data for social media campaigns
• Make recommendations based on social media engagement

You will also play a key role in developing and supporting the e-Commerce activity. This is a new initiative, so developing key strategies for sales and growth are pivotal in making this a success. There is the opportunity to really make this your own and be a key part in the growth of the business.


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